Friday Feb 8th Blog

Before reading, I thought that school curriculum was created and written by a large group of representatives from diverse backgrounds. My previous idea was that a board of practicing teachers, experts in various fields, and government representatives would gather and discuss curriculum, and then bring it to a focus group of students to pick out any areas that need improvement before publication. To my surprise, I was wrong. The article put into demonstrated the extent to which politics and industry is imbedded in our education. It is apparent that curriculum is developed by privileged authorities such as governments along with large profitable industries who want youth to be moulded into a certain type of citizen. I was surprised when looking at how little influence teachers, students and parents have on what is taught. It appears the people most impacted by decisions made around curriculum will are also the people that do not have an influence on the changes that they seek. As a future educator, my lack of control of curriculum gives me a gut wrenching feeling. In my opinion, to inspire children to develop individual skills, there needs to be a less factory-like approach to the world of school. I am concerned as an educator that the decisions made involving curriculum will not help our students to reach their full potential and to nurture their skills, but rather will hinder them. All things being said, I feel that if the developers will not start listening to students and practicing teachers that they will stand up and disrupt the complacent model they are hoping to mould us into.


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